End of an Era
By Joe Kaiser

Verse 1:
I had been blessed over and over again.
The cup had overflowed for years.
Now all that's left are the tears.
Don't know why it was taken away. . .

It's the end of an era.
Now nothin's gonna be the same.
It's just the end of an era.
Oh, how I'll praise Your sweet name.

Verse 2:
Ev'rything is changing so fast
Wasn't supposed to be this way.
I was the hero of the day.
Should've known it wouldn't last. . .


Piano Solo

Verse 3:
He carries me into a world unknown.
Am I really supposed to be here?
My blindness blocks all but the fear.
I wish the future could be shown.

But it's the end of an era.
I don't think I can make it through the storm.
Since it's the end of an era,
Please bring Your love to keep me warm. . .
It's the end of an era.
Keep sending this most blessed rain.
Just the end of an era.
I'll always praise Your holy name.