Hard to Heal

By Joe Kaiser

Your best friend turns, and walks away.
Stabs you in the back without a word to stay.
Emptiness is all that's left inside.
Your heart's been broken and your spirit's died. . .

It's hard to heal from a wound like this.
You get hit so hard,
That you forever miss
The next dealt card.

The one you love lets you down.
Now you're alone in this unearthly town.
"Would someone tell me what's going on?
Why am I weak when I should be strong. . ."
Your world has been turned upside down.
And you need help, but there's no one around.
It seems like no one knows you're alive.
And that love is something you'll never find. . .


You've played with fate and destiny.
But the dream was never meant to be.
You tell yourself as you start to cry,
"All I needed was one more try. . ."


Looking back, you see what was.
Every goal you'd aimed for had been lost.
Our hopes get built up so very high,
But we never fully say goodbye. . .
You see how far you've come since then.
Nothing's come out the way you planned.
Life's been full of rage and regret,
And you wish you could try it all again. . .

Chorus 2x 1