Slamming the mini-fridge shut, Kaiz was tempted to throw his bottle of Budweiser through the window nearby. He did not try to calm himself; the pure hatred and aggrivation felt at that moment were feelings he wanted to boil within until he was satisfied. Laying on the bed, his back on the headboard, he turned on the television and found UCW's broadcast. The topic of conversation between the two commentators during The Diva's Championship defense didn't put him in a better mood of any description.

"...and Ashera lands the overhead press on The Diva, who just doesn't seem to be with it tonight. Hal, what's going on with her tonight?"

"Well, Mark, it could be the news we just got from backstage..." papers could be heard ruffling, " appears The Diva has had an affair with Legend for the past several months, and the secret was just told to one of our sources by Legend himself."

Kaiz crossed his eyebrows and chugged a large amount of beer. Mark replied, "An affair?! Kaiz must be crushed!"

The Diva was slammed to the mat even harder than before as Hal went on. "I would imagine so, and odds are this match, although it's for her Women's Championship, is the last thing on her mind right now."

Not possessing her usual senses, The Diva stood up in the ring. Ashera was waiting for her.

Pounding his fist on the bed, Kaiz yelled, "Look out you stupid. . .!" He hadn't finished his sentence before Ashera performed her finisher, the tornado DDT. Grabbing Diva by the neck, Ashera jumped and spun all the way around before slamming Diva onto her head. Beaming, Ashera scored the easiest pin of her career. Frustrated, Kaiz shut off the television without watching further to ensure The Diva's safety. He finished his beer with a monstrous gulp, not satisfied with the effect of swallowing one bottle within three minutes. There was a knock on the door, and not waiting for an answer, Titan stepped into the room.

"Feeling okay?" he asked quietly. "Let's see," Kaiz replied immediately, "My girlfriend's having an affair with my best friend. No, I don't think I'm feeling too good!" He placed his empty bottle on the end table beside the bed. "When I come back next week, I want to put Tim's bastard ass on the canvas."

Titan hesitated before delivering his news. "If that's the case, you're really not gonna like the news I've got for you." Not answering, Kaiz scowled at his brother, his eyelids half closed. "Do you want the good news first, or the bad?"

"Surprise me," Kaiz was getting highly impatient.

"Well, the good news is Dawson's putting all the belts on the line for next week's show. I'll be in a triple threat match against Crucifix for the Heavyweight belt next week."

Kaiz stood up from the bed, fetching another beer. "And, what's the bad?"

"The third man is Legend."

Kaiz paused, his hand still in the moderate cold of the mini-fridge. "Frank, I'm really not in the mood for humor, and this better be a joke."

"Sorry bro," Titan replied, folding his muscular arms. "Paul didn't want you in that kind of match on your first night back, and Legend's been kickin' tail while you were gone, remember?"

Retrieving two Budweisers and tossing one to his brother, Kaiz replied, "Yeah, it sounds like he's been gettin' tail, too."

Seeing his brother was deeply pained, Titan decided to leave him alone. "See you in the weight room tomorrow. Get some sleep."

Taking another gulp of his brew, Kaiz silently watched his brother exit the room.

Paul Dawson walked slowly down the empty corridor in the Kiel Center, hoping to find his number one contenders for the Tag Team belts before they inhabited the bars for the night. His weathered face was stern; the information he had for them would not be taken well. The gray at the roots of his light brown hair was taking over his hairline at record speed, and this meeting was not about to retard the process.

Invision and Jazz were found while they were near the completion of their packing up. Both were psyched about the results of their match. Dawson suprised them as they were engrossed in their duffel bags.

"Gentlemen, glad to see you!" he greeted them with as much warmth as he could muster. "I have a little news before you go."

Invision despised talking with his boss, and avoided it whenever possible. "Dawson, unless you got your hands on the world's best whiskey, I don't want to hear it."

Dawson grinned dryly. "Actually, I do have a fine bottle for my own drinking pleasure. But that's not what I wanted to tell you. The Chain Gang, as you know, are the current title holders of the Tag Team Championship, and--"

Invision abandoned his bag and looked downward at his boss. "I've got a shot glass with my name on it right now, so get to the damn point!"

Clearing his throat, Dawson proceeded. "Well, I was about to tell you that Steve 'The Pain' Chain has a severe back injury, and is unfit to compete."

Jazz looked up from his search for his sunglasses, smelling a win by default. "And that means. . ."

Dawson saw exactly where Jazz was going. "You won't be getting the belts that easily. I'll be finding a team to compete with you for the vacant belts." Seeing their eyes grow in size, and their lips snarling, Dawson remebered that it would have been wise to make sure he was within screaming distance.

Restraining himself, Invision took a step closer to Dawson, holding his hands at his sides. "Look wherever you like, my old friend; it won't matter. Jazz and I will ensure their destruction!"

Dawson, relieved that his body was still intact, replied, "It's good to see you're still outgrowing your days with the Triple Alliance." He found the moment convenient to leave, before Invision lost his self-control. "If you hadn't collapsed The Mangler's lung and broken several bones, he'd have made my Heavyweight division much easier to manage."

Back in the weight room considered to be his second home, Kaiz was doing a lightweight workout; no reason to push it and risk another injury just days before his return. He was exercising his upper body, benching an easy 235 pounds on the bar. Because he was doing so little, Titan felt no need to spot him, and was off in the far corner, trying to get the phone number of an attractive blonde on the glute machine.

Kaiz had his mind on the bar in order to keep Tuesday night's events from coming to the forefront in his head. With his mind occupied, he didn't notice Legend nervously walk through the glass doors, and finding who he had come to see, come to a stop behind Kaiz's bench.

"Need a spot?" he asked.

Recognizing the voice, Kaiz put the bar back, replying, "Tim, I've actually had a good day so far, and I've been advised by Marie not to kill you. So unless you want your balls handed to you in a paper bag, I'd suggest leaving."

Legend backed away a step, his hands up in passivity. "Whoa, I'm here to make peace, not war."

"You mean you're human too?" Kaiz mocked, not at all convinced.

Legend insisted on doing what he had come to do. "Look, I'm sorry for what I did to you and to Marie. I guess I took it for more than it was, and I let it get out of hand."

Avoiding eye contact, Kaiz rose from the bench, en route to the drinking fountain. "Damn straight you did!"

Nodding, Legend acknowledged the difficult task laying directly before him as he followed his friend. "I didn't mean what I said to you Tuesday night. I let my ego get the best of me."

"Tim, if you're looking to apologize, you're going to have to try harder than that," replied Kaiz, taking a small slurp from the fountain.

"What are you looking for?"

Kaiz looked directly at him this time. "Getting down on your knees and begging for your life would be effective."

Legend took on a tone of pleading in his voice. "Joe, it was a huge mistake. I promise it won't happen again."

Unmoving, Kaiz continued to stare a hole through Legend. "Yeah, and how am I supposed to take your word after what you did with Marie?"

Both men moved out of the way for another patron to quench his thirst. Legend appealed to his friend's soft side. "You know Marie still loves you. Didn't you see how devastated she was to watch you turn your back on her the other night?" Legend's words were enough to make Kaiz's eyes shift, unable to focus on anything. Progress was finally being made. "You're a man any person would want on their side, Joe. You stand up for what you believe in, and when you want to be, you're the most compassionate person in the world."

Kaiz took in a deep breath. His own pride kept him from saying a word.

Legend delivered his final punch. "Remember how you felt when The Mangler took Marie and taunted you with her? Remember how devoted she was to you when you proved how far you'd go to keep her safe? You almost destroyed your career so he wouldn't hurt her anymore."

With Kaiz's breathing becoming increaingly unstable, and his eyes looking wet, Legend knew he had made his point. Not expecting such a result, he was taken by surprise when Kaiz grasped him with a strong, friendly embrace.

"Um, Joe," he said, "Could you eighty-six the hugging? This is starting to creep everyone out."

Kaiz stood back, instead firmly shaking Legend's hand. "Friends?"

"You betcha," replied Legend. "I've seen what you do to the people you hate."

Both men laughed, sensing their return to their former selves. "I'll keep my other head in check from now on."

That remark reminded Kaiz, who looked across the room to check on his brother. "Speaking of which, you may want to save the cute lady over yonder from Frank's bombing raid."

Legend snickered, moving quickly to save Titan from utter embarrassment. ***** Driving to a French restaurant in a beat-up, ten-year-old truck is an occurence not normally considered romantic. But for Kaiz and The Diva, it suited them just fine. He smiled at her as he pulled into the first available parking space; his black three-piece suit set off by her light blue dress and two-inch heels. Walking to the passenger side of the truck, Kaiz opened the door for his date, who decided to leave the bouqet of roses on her seat as she was gently helped down. Diva interlocked her elbow with Kaiz, and the couple walked into the restaurant.

The maiter'd was a quickly balding man with no facial hair. He greeted Kaiz and The Diva in the same mechanical manner as he had to the hundreds of other people who had passed through the doors during the night.

"Ah, Missuer Kaiser! You and your date are looking lovely zis evening!"

Kaiz played along, for entertainment's sake. "Why thank you. May we be shown to our table?"

"Of course, misseur! We have our finest table ready for you!"

Both Kaiz and Diva had to bite hard onn their tongues to prevent laughing. They followed the maiter'd with mocked enthusiasm, ready to be shown to the "finest table," which was actually the table located furthest from the door.

"I will fetch our best waiter for you in joost a moment," said the maiter'd, setting two menus on the table and returning to his post. Before sitting, Kaiz made sure to pull out Diva's chair and hanging her coat on its back.

"With our luck, it'll be the first dude with a bow tie he sees walking out of the crapper!" he joked, causing Diva to erupt with laughter.

Shortly, a bumbling waiter, who was in the midst of his second night on the job, serviced their table. Kaiz ordered the most expensive champagne on the menu, which excited Diva; his choice would indicate a most pleasant evening.

Kaiz was unable to say a word, taken aback by the sight of Diva's chocolate-colored hair cascading down her face and curled around her shoulders. His joy was suspended momentarily with the waiter's presentation of a bottle of twenty-year old vintage champagne and two glasses. Both of them let out an "Ooh" upon the first taste; it was absolutely divine.

"I have something special for you," The Diva told Kaiz, swallowing the heavenly liquid from her glass. "You know how the Tag Team belts were vacated, right?"

Kaiz was deciding which dish on the menu sounded the least poisonous as he listened. "Yeah, why?"

Feeling quite hungry herself, The Diva opened her menu also. "Well, Dawson's been looking for someone to fight Jazz and Invision, and he's giving us a title shot!"

Kaiz lowered his menu, looking at her in disbelief. "Frank told me Dawson didn't want me in that kind of match yet."

"That was true four nights ago, but Paul is getting desperate. There aren't any serious teams left in that division right now, and you know he hates the Alliance as much as you do." She reached across the white tablecloth and took her partner's hand. "Joe, think of how great it will be for us to share a title with each other."

Kaiz nodded, continuing his debate for dinner. "Yeah, I guess it would be nice, especially to get them back for Frank and Tim."

Diva gave a girlish grin, holding her tongue between her teeth as she smiled. They had wanted to be simultaneous champions for a long time.

Soon the food was ordered, and while Diva enjoyed every bite, Kaiz pretended the mysterious substance on his plate wasn't the worst thing he had ever tasted. Beyond that, the night went off without a hitch. Later on in the evening, The Diva showed Kaiz what he had been missing for many months.

The show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was predicted to be the highest rated episode in UCW history. At least 20 million people had their televisions tuned in when it went on the air, while every single seat in the arena was filled with a person who was screaming at the top of his or her lungs. Not one of them knew Kaiz would be returning.

Kaiz was nearly bouncing on the bench in the locker room he shared with his brother as he wrapped athletic tape around each wrist.

"Been a long time since I got to do this," he remarked to Titan, who was strapping up his boots.

"Don't get too excited," warned Titan. "You don't wrestle until the last match of the night. Don't waste all your energy now." No matter where or when the event was held, Titan was always serious about what he did. Normally, his brother followed suit, but the night was full of excitement, and it was impossible for Kaiz to contain it.

Titan stood up, moving around to stay loose. "Where's Marie?"

Putting the roll of tape in his bag, Kaiz replied, "She's in the bathroom, putting on makeup. God knows how long that'll take."

"I heard that!" yelled Diva from behind the closed bathroom door.

The show began with the entrance music of Invision and Jazz. Boos from the crowd almost completely drowned out the dark, powerful combination of guitars. Invision calmly walked with a microphone in hand as his partner played to the fans' reactions. They stood tall and boastfully in the ring, taunting everyone with their presence. When they were finished, the music was cut off, and Invision held the mike to his lips.

"As we stand before you now, we've yet to learn who our opponents will be for the Tag Team Championship." An array of boos, customary with anything said by a villain, was the reply. "I don't know why Mr. Dawson wastes his time looking for someone to face us; we'll be in and out of the ring with the belts in three minutes flat! It'll be a piece of c--"

Invision was interrupted by the blasting of "Blue on Black" through the speakers. Turning his head to the stage, he witnessed Kaiz and The Diva(again wearing her usual sexy attire) walk through the curtain amidst cheers that resembled a perpetual sonic boom. Invision and Jazz could make no move, save their jaws dropping to the canvas. The screaming seemed to continue for ages while Kaiz stood like a statue on the stage, with The Diva trying hard to keep from laughing at their opponents' reaction in the ring.

After the noise finally subsided, Kaiz spoke into his own microphone. "Invision, if you ask, you'll receive. You were bitching about not knowing who you're fighting tonight, well guess what: you get to fight us!" The fans cheered even louder.

Invision's eyes were held wide with genuine fear. "Kaiz, I can understand you. You're a real fighter. But her?" He pointed at The Diva, laughing. "We'll break her in half!" He shared a hearty chuckle with Jazz

Diva stole the mike from Kaiz for a moment. "Apparently, neither of you remember the smackdown I laid on Jazz the last time we met." Jazz silenced himself quickly. remembering their incident that led to Kaiz's injury.

Invision was still unafraid. "Honey, that don't mean squat with me. I'm far too much for you to handle!"

Kaiz took back the microphone from Diva. "Dude, she's got more athletic talent in her left tit than the two of you combined! And if you ever call her 'honey' again, I'll kick your head clean through your ass!" He dropped the microphone on the stage, and "Blue on Black" returned to the speakers as he and The Diva left Jazz and Invision gulping in the ring.

Four belts had been decided, and the show had dwindled down to the final two. It's content so far did not disappoint; even more people had tuned in since the start of the broadcast. Now, the matches with the most prestige and advertisement must live up to the standards left by those who had left it all in the ring in the previous four matches. According to the rules of the Heavyweight match, two of the three wrestlers would have to be eliminated, and there would be no disqualifications. The crowd was torn in half between those rooting for Titan, and those who wanted Legend to be the champion.

The first to enter the ring was Crucifix, the Heavyweight Champion. His music contained an eerie quality. It was so awe-inspiring that there was little noise from the audience. The white trunks and boots he wore complimented his thick, bleached blonde hair. Despite the massive muscles, he moved faster than most of the wrestlers on the UCW roster.

Next was Titan, who wore black leather pants with an intricate orange "T" designed on each leg. This would be his first attempt at winning the Heavyweight belt; he'd waited fifteen years for this opportunity. Standing in the corner opposite Crucifix, they awaited their final competitor.

"Medieval Harp" was Legend's theme music, and he walked down the ramp proudly to the mighty piano chords. Although he had leaked information of his affair to the announcers the previous week, the fans still cheered him enthusiastically. He sported purple wrestling shorts with "Legend" inscribed in Old English letters on the back, with purple kneepads and silver boots. In the ring, he looked at Crucifix, and then at Titan, now fully realizing winning the belt meant going through him. With all involved in the match ready, the bell was struck, and the match of their careers was underway.

Titan went after Crucifix first, striking him so hard with a fist as to knock him flat on the mat. Kneeling beside him, Titan continued his punching assault, but was interrupted by Legend, who dove and took him to the canvas.

While those two tore at each other back and forth, Crucifix slipped onto the turnbuckle unnoticed. When Legend had separated himself from Titan for a moment, he turned around in time to see Crucifix come down with a strong aerial attack. Going for the pin, he scarcely reached the count of one before being pulled off by Titan, who did not want it to come down to Legend and himself.

Legend stood up, going after Crucifix with his shooter style of wrestling. Punching him like a street thug, Legend forced his foe into the corner, attacking him with a flurry of punches and kicks.

Titan, not allowing anyone to have an edge over him, broke up the melee in the corner by turning Legend around and giving him a traditional DDT. Legend was dazed after landing directly on his head. With him down for the moment, Titan stalked Crucifix, who stood waiting for him in the corner. Crucifix was too fast for his bar-brawling approach, dodging his every punch. Utilizing the Irish Whip, he threw Titan into the ropes, lifted him onto his back on the rebound, and dropped him to the mat, executing the Samoan drop.

Ten minutes went by with no one having a distinct advantage. Despite the even matchup, Crucifix proved his superior endurance while his opponents were slowly starting to run out of energy. Attempting to double up against him and wear him down, Legend and Titan each took one of Crucifix's hands and slung him into the ropes. On the rebound, however, they were countered with a double clothesline. Titan fell awkwardly, taking all of his 310 pounds on his left shoulder. With haste, Crucifix picked Legend off the mat and threw him through the ropes, isolating him on the concrete floor. Going for the pin, he eliminated a disabled Titan. As the match continued, Titan was helped backstage by several officials, clutching his shoulder.

With one man to go, Crucifix slid out of the ring to fetch Legend, who was still laying on the floor. Placing him back in the ring, he set Legend up for a crucifix powerbomb he dubbed as the Revelation. Rolling him onto his shoulders, he then gripped Legend by the arms and supported him on his back. Legend now looked like he was being crucified. Falling to his knees, Crucifix hurled Legend to the mat.

Seeing his friend was near defeat, Kaiz sprinted down to the ring. Crucifix paid no mind to the increasing volume of the fans' screams, thinking they were for his pending victory. Hooking his arm under Legend's knee, he awaited the referee's count. Kaiz reached the ring just in time, blindsiding Crucifix with a hard boot to the abdomen on the referee's second strike of the canvas.

Stunned, Crucifix didn't realize the extra man in the ring until he was being set up for the Kamakaiz. Whipping himself onto his stomach, Kaiz slammed Crucifix to the mat with an echo audible across the state line. Legend had stirred, though he weaved about as he tried to recover his senses.

"Finish him off!" Kaiz ordered. Shaking his head hard, Legend remembered his mission. Kaiz left the ring and looked on with his forearms on the apron. Legend set his opponent up for the Parable, a very effective submission move. Sitting him up on the canvas from behind, Legend used his knee to place his full weight on Crucifix's achilles tendon. With that done, he took a firm hold of his victim's arms and leaned backward, utilizing his flexibility to lay his back on the canvas behind him. He called on whatever strength his body had left to inflict the maximum damage.

Unable to move, Crucifix found himself in a near fatal amount of pain; if he were to attempt an escape, his ankle would be shattered. His huge build became a crutch, and he felt the muscles in his shoulders begin to tear as Legend pulled him back further yet. With no way out, he begged the referee to end the match, and the bell was rung. The audience roared, watching Legend stand up slowly, about to faint from his lack of energy. Returning to the ring, Kaiz held his friend up for the referee to present him with the Heavyweight Championship belt. The old companions celebrated with the crowd while Kaiz helped Legend up the ramp and through the curtain.

Backstage, Titan sat on the case to an amplifier immediately behind the curtain, with a large pack of ice strapped to his shoulder.

"Where were you when I was being pinned?" he asked his brother, who was receiving a hug from The Diva.

"Still flying out of the locker room," Kaiz honestly replied.

Invision and Jazz walked down the ramp, hearing a loud array of boos drown out their music. Both wore navy blue wrestling tights with gold designs; their color scheme from the defunct Triple Alliance.

"Forget them," Invision told his partner. "They won't be sayin' much when the match is over." They entered the ring, stood in their corner and silently awaited their opponents.

"Blue on Black" took the place of their theme music, with Kaiz and The Diva walking together through the curtain. Kaiz sported his traditional wrestling attire, while Diva had black pants and a blue tank top. Walking slowly toward the ring, Kaiz never took his eyes off Invision, who returned the stare. Stooping under the third rope, Kaiz entered and stood face-to-face with Invision, while both Diva and Jazz took their place in their respective corners.

After the bell had rung, neither Kaiz nor Invision moved an inch. They continued standing in the middle of the ring, talking trash. After at least a minute, Invision attempted a punch, but Kaiz was ready; he caught the fist, made an about-face, and slammed Invision's arm over his shoulder. With the early leverage, Kaiz delivered several kicks to the chest. Jazz was ready to intervene, but a cold glance from Kaiz convinced him to stay where he was.

Sensing The Diva's desire to go after Invision, Kaiz tagged her in. The fans sounded their approval of his decision. Invision stood up, and proved a noticeable difference between his six-foot-eight frame and The Diva's five-foot-five. He snickered, watching her in her karate stance, thinking it would be no contest. The Diva was more than willing to prove him wrong with a hard chop to the clavicle. In serious pain, Invision bent over with a hand on his shoulder. Diva added insult to injury by nailing him with a lightning-fast front kick to the face. She stood with her hands on her hips, smiling with satisfaction as Invision crawled to his corner and tagged in an unwilling Jazz Jefferson.

Jazz stepped through the ropes, gulping.

"Just bring her over here," Invision instructed, his shoulder still feeling the effects of her attack. "We'll handle her together."

Keeping his mind on his orders, Jazz closely watched The Diva's movements, waiting for her to make a mistake. She approached, going for a simple hip toss, but Jazz instinctively countered by sitting lower in his stance; she was unable to move him. Taking advantage, Jazz countered with a hip toss of his own, which sent her flying into the enemy's corner. Kaiz entered the ring, seeing what was developing. The referee stepped in his way, ordering him to get back in his corner. Seeing their opportunity, Jazz and Invision fired a succession of punches that weakened The Diva severely. Knowing the referee would not return to the match unless he obeyed, Kaiz stepped back onto the apron to save Diva from further injury.

As time wore on, both sides wore down the other's resistance, with Jazz and Invision gaining a larger advantage with each tag. Kaiz, who had been away from the ring for nine months, had not taken the time to polish off his "ring rust." He made numerous mental mistakes, and his opponents cashed in on each one.

With Kaiz down in the center of the ring, Jazz happily tagged in his partner. Invision targeted his adversary's weak ankle, dropping a heavy elbow onto it from above. Kaiz screamed in pain; he had elected to experiment for a night without his ankle brace. Feeling close to victory, Invision trapped Kaiz in the figure-four leglock, which put tremendous pressure on that ankle. Diva stepped in and kicked Invision away from her mate before being commanded to return to her corner.

Limping, Kaiz tried to get to his corner for a badly-needed tag. Invision grabbed him from behind before he got there, and in giving him an overhead German suplex, sent him back to the opposite side of the ring. The domination of Invision and Jazz was becoming an obstacle to great to overcome.

The referee was standing near Diva's corner, paying close attention to the action. Diva, aware that her time was running out, awaited an opportunity to turn the tables. Instantly, she received what she needed: Invision was preparing to whip Kaiz into her corner. When Kaiz had been slung toward her, she grabbed the referee by the back and pushed him in the way. Kaiz crashed into the official, who had been knocked out. With no one to enforce the rules, the match had just been thrown wide open.

All four competitors were now in the ring, going all out in a disorganized riot. Diva knocked Jazz out of the ring by connecting on a roundhouse kick to the chest. Jazz flipped over the ropes and fell hard onto the concrete below. Kaiz gained an edge on Invision and Irish Whipped him into the ropes. Off the bounce, Invision was flipped over Kaiz's head to a waiting Diva, who finished the manuver by catching him and scoring a sit-down powerbomb. Kaiz and Diva had regained their confidence, and the fans, who had been silent for the past five minutes, came back to life!

A replacement referee ran down to the ring and rolled his co-worker away from danger. Diva went for the cover, but Invision still had enough strength to kick out after a two-count.

Order was restored, and the one-on-one scenario was re-established by the referee between Diva and Invision. With the electricity back in the atmosphere of the Staples Center, Diva felt courageous enough to attempt her finishing manuver. With a flash of kicks to various parts of the body, she forced Invision to back into the ropes. Grabbing his thick hand, she whipped him to the opposite side. Ready to complete the Final Act, she was halted by a baseball slide from Invision, who picked her up and sent her to the canvas with an overhead slam. Climbing the turnbuckle, he looked to the crowd with a sneer. With a great leap, he turned in mid-air and delivered the Blinding Light into Diva's chest. Going for the pin, he felt sure triumph was at hand.

"ONE!. . . TWO!. . ." before the official's hand came down for the third time, The Diva called on her remaining strength to barely lift her shoulder off the canvas. Invision couldn't believe it; he thought it impossible for her to move under his 275-pound body.

Both parties made it to their corners and tagged their teammates. Not moving upon entering the ring, Kaiz waited readily for Jazz to make a move. Jazz sprinted directly at him, aiming to drive him into the turnbuckle. Reciprocating the action, Kaiz intercepted his foe in the middle of the ring. At full speed, he got low and launched himself into Jazz's midsection (a move known as the spear). The whiplike movement Jazz experienced throughout his entire body had strained several muscles.

"Good God!" screamed the color commentator. "Kaiz tore him in half!"

With the fans screaming at their highest volume, Kaiz attempted the pin. Invision interrupted the count, saving himself and Jazz from defeat. He dragged his partner to his corner and, stepping outside the ropes, made a blind tag by slapping Jazz on the back. Kaiz was in a crouched attack position, screaming at his adversary to step right up.

Diva was focused on what Kaiz was doing in the ring, and paid no mind to an exhausted Jazz hopping off the ring apron. He ducked below ringside, creeping over to her corner while Kaiz dominated in the ring. Reaching his destination, he plucked Diva off her post, pulling her down by the back of her pants. Her scream caught Kaiz's attention, and upon his distraction, Invision took him to the mat. Desperate to help out The Diva, Kaiz clawed the canvas, trying to get to the outside as Jazz pounced on her. He could not get away; Invision had a hold of his left ankle. Twisting it, he tried desperately to make Kaiz tap out, which would be possible if he wanted to get to Diva badly enough.

If the victim of a submission move can manage to grip the ropes by any means, his attacker must release the hold. Kaiz screamed as if he were being stabbed to death, feeling the torturous agony from his ankle. Trusting in The Diva's ability to defend herself, he refused to tap out; he would break his ankle again if he had to.

Running on adrenaline alone, he inched his way toward the ropes. Invision struggled to hold him still, but Kaiz wanted it more. Lunging, he got a hand on the bottom rope, and the referee tore Invision away from his ankle. Thankfully, it wasn't broken, but he couldn't walk on it very well.

The Diva was coming back against Jazz, making him wish the idea had never entered his head. Kaiz leaned against the ropes, while Invision supported himself with his hands on his knees. Looking up to Kaiz, he spoke.

"You've been a worthy opponent," he said. "What a shame that I must now obliterate you."

Grasping his hand, Invision went for the Irish Whip. Kaiz, ignoring the searing pain from his ankle, planted on it and reversed the move.

"This is what you missed earlier!" he told Invision, awaiting him in the center of the ring. Invision bounced off the ropes, and Kaiz met him with the Diva's finisher: the Final Act! His size fourteen foot whipped around and struck Invision full-force on the jaw. Invision landed violently on the mat, which had almost no give. He felt as if he would die.

The Diva, leaving Jazz laying on the floor, entered the ring to witness Kaiz go for the cover. Kaiz nodded his head with each pound on the mat, and when the official counted to three, he sat back on his haunches in weariness. As the fans' screams blew the top off the arena, it took a moment for him to feel the effects of such a momentous victory. He was helped to his feet by The Diva, who could not contain her joy.

Backstage, Titan and Legend watched with Dawson and the UCW wrestlers. They cheered and made as much noise as the crowd. Kaiz and The Diva were presented with the UCW Tag Team belts, and they embraced to express their mutual delight. Neither wanted to leave the ring; they wanted to remain together in their celebration as long as possible. Legend smiled sheepishly, now fully understanding the connection between two of his best friends.