Love Song

By Rebekah Lyn

Listen here
Is that it?
That beautiful tune.
Is that the song about love
That is sung in June?
Yes, it is the love song that I hear.
And as he walks by
The sound gets louder
And the notes become clear.
They told me about it,
The women in the streets.
They said to be afraid
And to run away when he greets.
But how can anyone be afraid
Of such a beautiful tune?
The song that makes you
Dance through life
As the rose buds continue to bloom.
No I am not afraid of that song
That makes me glide on my feet.
And now I can't help
But to sing along with the beat.
Ah here he comes,
Asking me to dance across the sky,
And to fly above the others
Who have made the mistake to pass it by.
Yes I will dance.
Take his hand without a word
And together we will fly,
Like the loveliest of birds.
I will not hesitate
Next time he comes along
And together we will sing
To the beat of the love song.