After-storm Rainbows

By Rebekah Lyn

At the end of a terrible storm
There is always a ray of light
A stream of dazzling colors
That brings the downpour's sufferers
A sense of inner peace and delight.
The outburst may be harsh,
But still the rainbow shows.
It tells a story of victory and it's iridescence glows.
When I have suffered a terrible fight.
A walk of misery and hard blows.
God has never failed to send my rainbow
To show that He cares.
To prove yet that if I ever get stuck in hard times.
His comfort is always there.
The question is not why we go through our hardships,

But how we manage to always get through.
Why the rainbow always glistens
When we're about ready to die.
Then our eyes are suddenly opened
And the world gives birth to something new.
A new path, an opportunity
Where the anticipating duty calls,
To do your best like you always have
And to recover from your falls.
The rainbow is not necessarily a promise
That bad things wont happen again,
But it is a sense of security for happiness and hope.
It's a promise that although your given path
May have some disappointments,
Your good times and rough lessons
Will always pull you through.
And at the end of your golden path there is a land
Of good experiences, of fine times, and growing laughter

That waits especially for you.