A Tour of My School
By Joe Kaiser

Around every corner
There are girls with swelled bellies.
Even numerous sophomores
Succumb to temptation.
Kids do it every day and night,
Each time with someone new.
They pay no mind
To the risks involved.

I am invisible to all;
To them, I don't exist.
The only thing they worry about
Is who they'll sleep with tonight.
The preps are in their own world;
They can do what they want.
The people up top will
Always look the other way.

You're not cool unless you drink.
It's a widely known fact.
Beer, whiskey, vodka, et all
Are sure to be found at a party.
The popular kids will play dumb
Just to annoy the hell out of you.
You're not allowed to get pissed at them;
Emotions are not permitted.

Speaking your mind is evil.
You musn't be yourself.
They teach all to conform
To one passive mold.
The material is watered down.
Any little child could do it.
The teachers can't help it;
The students refuse to learn.

There are no athletics;
Merely a political forum.
The folks running the show
Are busy covering their asses.
Your talents are wasted here.
No one cares what you can do.
The only path to glory
Is having the right connections.

Not one person gives a damn
About his or her future.
Just get drunk and get laid,
And worry about the rest later.
Authority has no say
Rebellion is all the rave.
The teachers that are hated the most
Are the ones who really care.